About the company

Vénilia Décor produces a range of high-quality self adhesive decorative laminates such as static window foil, adhesive window foil, and decorative adhesive foil at the production location based in The Netherlands.

Designs of our products are carefully selected based on their appearance and the demands of the market. Our range includes more than 200 designs which in combination with embossing finishes make up to 2,500 design options. Rotogravure technology and digital printing are used to print designs according to customers’ wishes and needs. In addition to our designs, we offer the possibility to produce and develop private-label products for distributors with their own brands.

We hope to bring more choices in designs, adaptability and lower costs for our customers by establishing the new Digital printing department in our manufacturing facilities. By choosing to add this department to our production line, we are now able to offer a wide range of digital designs that can be modified as well as print on demand in quantities as low as 400 meters.

This industrial large format printer uses UV LED ink which grants higher performance in terms of adhesion, no tack, and less odor. Self-adhesive foil, static foil, and tablecloths as well as stationery foil are all part of the offer suitable for Digital print.

Stationery foil is the new addition to our product range under the brand name GEKKO-OFFICE®. Consistent of clear, uni-colored, and special foils we can provide a wide variety of thicknesses and finishes as well as embossing and printing options to a broad and versatile market. You can read more about this product line on our website www.gekko-office.com

Our goal is to build strong partnerships with distributors all over the world with a focus on innovation and operational excellence.

We feel confident that our product range and versatile designs will allow you to increase your sales. A strong base for all of our products lies in our emphasis on quality. We have the Oekotex certificate for our complete range and all products are REACH-compliant. Some of our products can be manufactured in a different color per your request.

Please let us know your wishes and we will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities.


2018 Vénilia Décor (Brands: Gekkofix®, Gekkotex®, print media)
2011 Van Merksteijn Plastics B.V. ‘Van Merksteijn Industrial Group’ (Brands: Gekkofix®, Gekkotex®, Gekkomedia®)
2001 Boekelo Décor B.V.
1969 Boekelo Folien B.V. ‘Solvay’ concern (Brands: Alkor, Venilia, Fablon, Ixa)
1960 NV Boekelo Plastics Commercial Plastics NV. (‘Unilever’concern)

Do you know that we actually date back from 1960?
Our long history provides us with an enormous experience in PVC. Some of our employees are even third generation employees working for us.
Please keep a close on this section for more background on our development as a company.


Vénilia Décor has several machines and processing utilities:

  • Calendering monomeric/polymeric PVC foils from 70µm to 350µm up to a width of 1600 mm.
  • 6-colour Rotogravure printing with solvent and water-based inks up to a width of 1500 mm.
  • 6-colour LED light digital printing machine
  • Embossing equipment for structures and laminating several layers onto each other.
  • Siliconing equipment for siliconising paper liners up to a width of 1500 mm.
  • Coating/adhering equipment with water-based and solvent-based coatings and adhesives.
  • Slitting/rewinding and packing facilities.