We produce according to ISO standards, with Oeko-Tex, and REACH-compliant products.

Print media

We manufacture private and white-label products. The complete process from calandering vinyl to converting into 50m, and longer rolls on request.

Gekko Office®

Gekko Office® is a collection of stationery films, transparent and colored, plain and structured, including some special films.

About us


We produce a range of high-quality PVC films for a range of uses, from decorative self-adhesive and static foils to print media, and other technical products.


We are a PVC manufacturing company with a modernized production site dating back to 1960. Our long history provides us with an enormous experience in PVC. Some of our employees are even third generation employees working for us.

Vacature Operator Drukkerij

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Vacature Operator Kalander

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